What is a flaw or imperfection ?


IMG_7449.JPGToday, Monday the 11th, we held our last meeting for Winter Break. Our discussion was based on what imperfections and or flaws were within society and us. As a group we came to an agreement that imperfections and or flaws can come from natural or unnatural features we do not favor. Imperfections or flaws are not only what people can see on the outside, but also what they can’t see in the inside.

We went around in a circle, so each member could state a flaw that they struggled with accepting. There were many flaws and imperfections stated. Some members stated that height, body frames, trust issues and eating habits were flaws that they faced on a day-to-day bases. However, we all came together and created solutions to accept those flaws.

One member also thought about saving money to fix her nose because she disliked it, but now she stands in the mirror once in a while and tells herself how beautiful she is. She also taught herself different angles when taking selfies to make her nose look beautiful to her!

Being tall is beautiful and this member came to a realization that her height gives her an advantages in the modeling world that she loves a lot.

As I stated before, flaws also come from within. Trust issues is a flaw that is hard to deal with. Once you lose trust in someone, you are more likely not to trust others. The solutions to this flaw was surrounding oneself with positive people, and taking the time to get to know people rather than being afraid of new people.

Another member faces the flaw of being an unhealthy eater. She loves food, but she has realized that treating her body poorly by eating unhealthy food can harm her in the long run.

After the activity, we began to discuss how flaws and or imperfections can be created by social media. Females are seen as sex symbols. Many companies use females to whatever exists that they can in order to sell their product. When selling their products, they make females feel as though they have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Social media is a social issue. We cannot change people’s perspectives of how they preserve advertisements. However, people can change their view on the message that they take away from certain advertisements that are put on social media. One member stated that she only gets jealous of women that are fully clothed because they are naturally beautiful and don’t have to wear less clothing to be seen as beautiful. In responsive to this comment another member stated that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because every woman is facing a battle within that we can’t see because many people post things on social media that they want others to see.

As we got deeper into the conversation, I asked if the color of a woman’s skin played a role in what their flaws were. Everyone said they believed that color does play a role. One member stated that she loves that there are now more models of color. They show young women of color that a different shade of color is a beautiful thing. In addition, hair is a flaw that many young women of color deal with. Sometimes people do not understand each other’s hair texture. When there are different outlets on social media that promotes self-love of natural hair, it helps other girls that struggle with the acceptance of their hair learn to love their hair.

Flaws and imperfections can be physical, mental or emotional. Everyone is dealing with something that they do not like about themselves. However, surround yourself around people that think those flaws and imperfections are unique and beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are. Never allow social media to shape your definition of what beautiful is. Everyone posts things that they want people to see about their lives. Flaws make you different. Best way to live is to be different. Be YOU.

NOTE: This group is open to the public. If you will like to share your thoughts or ideas, please do! Feel free to send me a message.



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