Breaking it Down.

We all have to admit that we have FLAWS. Even those who are seen as perfection, are not perfect. When learning to accept or acknowledge your own flaws, you are helping someone else strengthen their understanding of how to manage or to overcome destructive behavior of their own flaws. Everyone has different flaws, but that does not mean you can’t help each other out. Flaws can be within your character, your physical appearance or your emotional state.

Break down those flaws by…

  1. Acknowledging your flaws and destructive behavior that brings harm or pain to you.
  2. Think of ways to avoid those destructive behaviors with positive ones.
  3. Surround yourself around people that are positive.
  4. Start off small. Accept smaller flaws that can break down the big flaw.
  5. Set goals with others that are going through same thing as you.
  6. Don’t be afraid to share your story. Everyone is going through something.
  7. Never compare yourself to others.

There is no such thing as PERFECT.


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