A Flawed Story…


Hawa Conteh, a sophomore at Salem College, was made fun of by her brothers because of her widows peak. Her being the only girl they would continuously tease her about it.  They would call her Ronald McDonald and compared her face shape to the golden M symbol from McDonalds’s.We all know that siblings tease each other. However, her brothers did not realize that their judgmental teasing affected her. She finally told her father that she did not like her widow’s peak. Her father began to take her to the barbershop, Level’s on 124th and Lexington Avenue, along with her brothers to get shape-ups. Every time she went to the barbershop she felt different from other girls because she was the only female in the barbershop. She continued to go to the barbershop with her father to remove her widow’s peak. After a while , she stopped going to the barbershop and started shaving the hair herself. Throughout the year of 2015 continuing into 2016, Hawa has been on her journey of growing out her natural hair and she has even come to LOVE the shape that her widow’s peak gives her head. When she came home for winter break , her father asked her if she was joining him at the barbershop and she smiley said, “ Dad I like my widow’s peak now.”

Hawa learned to love her widows peak because she realized that it made her unique. She believes that people’s judgments should not affect you as a person because everyone is beautiful in their own way. You define your beauty.


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