A Much Needed Girl Talk!

Yesterday, Monday the 4th, our third meeting occurred at Astor Row Cafe in Harlem. Due to the cold only one member attended.

As a young woman, I love having girl talks because it allows you to debrief and to release stress. The member and I touched on so many different topics. We spoke about our college life, our growth as young women,our love life, and our goals and aspirations.

Girl Talks are valuable because it allows you to see that you are not alone in life. Sharing a personal narrative can create stronger relationships with other young women. Your stories characterize who you are as a person.

I think a “Girl Talk” is a must have for every girl. It is an escape from reality. You have someone to lean on that understands what you are going through and can help you get through the process.

“This talk was much needed girl. Thank you because I needed someone to listen.” –¬†Anonymous

NOTE: Our meetings are open to the public. If you will like to come sit in and to talk with other young women of color about situations within our society feel free to send me a message.




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