Dear Young Women of Color,

Dear Young Women of Color,

It’s okay to be you, remember you don’t get a second chance. Take the time to enjoy you for the time that you have within this world. You do not want to look back and regret anything that you have done. Treat every day as if its your last day on Earth. Don’t ever let what other girls or society determine what you do or how you look at yourself. GIRL YOU THE SH*T (remember that). I know there are those days you wake up and feel that you need to change your flaws. Well don’t. Those freckles, stress marks on your booty, and curly hair define you. You are unique. Later down the road you’re going to meet someone who loves those flaws inside and out. You’re not always going to fit in – and please don’t try to. It’s okay to stand out in the crowd and to be the different one. Like really who wants to be the same!? Understand that being you is definitely the easy part of your life. I know you see those girls on social media half dress and getting attention well it may look fabulous, in reality it’s not.

Look in the mirror every single day and tell yourself “ Bae you are the sh*t! Look at that body girl, work it! YES!” When you speak into existence and positivity, you will believe it and know it.


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