A Flawed Story…

Akeda Riley, a sophomore at Boston College, struggled with accepting her skin complexion throughout her life. The beauty in darker skin colors are not valued as highly as it should be. This makes young women of darker color feel less beautiful. However, Akeda realized that she began to take pride in her skin tone when young men of color on her campus was attracted to lighter skin females because their skin was “better”. Akeda began to flaunt the fact that she has beautiful skin! Other young women of dark complexions also began to flaunt their skin color and they even intimidated others with their beauty.

Akeda feels very beautiful in her skin now,and she wanted to share a few words with you all. “ No one color is more beautiful than the other. When you look in the mirror be excited that god blesses you with melanin. Cuz thats all skin complexion is…levels of melanin. I love the melanin in my skin and it ain’t gunna change, so why not work it?”


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