Young Women of Color in College…

Today, Monday the 28th, we held our second meeting at Café Frederick Harlem Parlor. Our discussion was based on Young Women of Color in College. We answered questions such as why is it hard for young women of color to adjust to college, what have we done as young women of color to become comfortable on campus, and has college helped us accept some of our flaws.

One member stated that it is hard for some young women of color to adapt to college because we come from communities where we are the majority instead of the minority. Our communities are physically diverse, but it is not really diverse because no one takes the time to learn about each other’s culture. This travels with us to college because we don’t know how to learn about other culture. On the other hand, another member stated that you go into college with judgments already being made about you as a person. In addition, as young women of color some of us go on campus and look for people that look just like us instead of  meeting new people.  However, sometimes opening up to people can cause you to want to put up a guard. A member experienced an incident with their roommate. She explained that her roommate was very open to learn about her culture as a young black woman, but one day her roommate was on the phone with a black male friend. They were talking about how one of their white friends was “acting black” because she was being ratchet, being lazy and having sex. The member made a comment when she  heard her roommate and felt as though her roommate was degrading her people and she began to question the type of person her roommate really was. Even though she experienced this with her roommate, she did not allow it to affect her from getting to know other people.

As young women of color, we take it upon ourselves to find ways to make ourselves grow and to feel comfortable. Some members stated that they join different organizations and attend cultural events to learn about others on their campus.

We all came to a common agreement that college has guided us to explore an acceptance of our flaws. One member shared that she loves her skin the way it is because she does not have time to “beat her face” when it is time to go party. Two other members stated that embracing their natural hair has been an amazing journey since they started school.

As young women of color, we have to step up and take charge of our own lives. We cannot allow anyone to guide our path’s. We have to take pride in ourselves.

NOTE: Our meetings are open to the public. If you will like to come sit in and to talk with other young women of color about situation within our society feel free to send me a message.



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