A Flawed Story…


Kiaina Gomez, a sophomore at Brandeis University, has been on a one and a half month journey appreciating and accepting her flaw, which is her natural hair.

The moment that started her journey was a Blacklivesmatter protest that took place on her campus. The protest was so motivational and powerful that it became a sit in protest. Throughout the two and a half weeks of the sit in, other young women of color were talking about their natural hair and their different curl patterns. Kiaina could not participate in the conversation and felt terrible. She felt terrible because she was configured to the societies normality of straight hair. The norms made her feel as if her natural hair was not acceptable to be beautiful.

Natural hair to Kiaina is embracing her culture of being a young black woman. She is willing to learn and to understand her hair. Her transformation has been tough, and she loves wearing weaves and extensions because it is easy to fit in and to “control”. When she walks into a hair store, she is tempted to purchase a relaxer or call her hair stylist to put a relaxer in her hair. However, she has been pushing through the transformation and realizes that she does not have to confine to society’s norms.

Sometimes she feels as though people will judge her because everyone is used to seeing her with weave or extensions, but now she gets up and takes time to do her natural hair she realizes that her hair is beautiful. In Kiaina’s own words, “My confidence has gotten a little higher because I didn’t like my hair since it was short, but now I’m just like I would much rather do my own hair and embrace it rather than spending so much money just to have it longer, so I don’t care about what people say”.

Kiaina’s Advice: She wants to let anyone that is struggling to accept their flaws of natural hair that yes the transition is hard, but “ it is all worth it because it is a part of a woman’s identity and nothing should make them want to hide anything about them. And I would say there’s no such thing as nappy hair, it’s just your hair trying to figure out how to get back to its natural state”.


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