They Still Gonna Talk Regardless 

People are going to talk about you until the day you die whether it’s positive or negative. It is up to you to decided how the comments will effect you. If it’s a negative just step away from those people or just be nice to them. Niceness always gets under their skin. For those who make negative comments behind your back but can even step to you to say what they gotta say PLEASE I REPEAT PLEASE DONT PAY THEM KNOW MIND. They don’t even have the guts to step to your face and say how they feel about you. 

Thoughtful Thursday thoughts just be kind to whoever has anything to say to you. 

Entry : Tanaya 

Just because it Summer , the Grind DOES NOT STOP 

Yes finally summer is approaching, but that does not mean our grind has to stop. The weather can make you carefree, but do not stop chasing whatgou believe in our checking off your future accomplishments. 

Goals of BBF Members :

Getting engaged, transitioning my first business, starting my second business, and buying a house with my soon to be fiancée before we get married …. 

Well for me I’m trying to get my license, and finish all my major courses for my major as well as take my first trip out of the country(nowhere big but it’s a start)

I think for me, I’m just going to keep my eyes on the prize with making & saving money so I can travel not just for business but for traval vacation 😂❤

Yes saving money 😩

My goals are to gain my weight back that I loss, get my license, become finically stable, and make an effort to go out more to meet new ppl 

Kiaina’s Garden 


There are some moments in life that we chose to forget or at least try to forget. For a long time I took moments that I did not want to deal with, and suppressed them deep down because they hurt too much to think about. Now that I’m in college and find myself more alone I think more and more about the things that hurt me. I never knew how to express myself at all, but I am a vocal person. I just always thought I would be weak if I showed people how they hurt me. Because of everything that I have been going through I have decided to push myself to deal with these issues because I no longer want to think about them negatively I want them to only be things that have built me into a stronger person. I decided to make these thoughts and memories into a garden in my head. The reason why I decided to make these things into s garden is because a garden needs light and nurture, and at this point in life I’m ready to open up more to deal with these issues. My garden is the most beautiful place and now I go there to seek solace especially while here at school. To have started to free my mind of the negativity I find myself waking up earlier, and even appreciating more things around me. I encourage you all to take the negative memories you have and try to turn them into something that gives off light and growth.

Entry : Kiaina

P.S. China colored in this beautiful drawing that her friend did for her.

Summer Time Fine 

Summer time is coming ya’ll and I seriously. And ya know I’m HYPE 💃🏾 anyways this means that we all have to set some goals for the summer. 

Here’s are goals for the summer time: 

Study for the MCAT 😩

My summer time goals are to attend more women events ( networking) , exploring NYC like seriously this year and most importantly get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. 

Take a sketch workshop/class; get my second business going, wholesale license, branding for business #2, reworking business #1 chance of plans for that and Laying on somebody’s beach working on my melanin lol .

I’m honestly trying save money and work. I’m crossing my fingers that my interviews go well this week, so that I can stay on campus! I also want to practice a healthier diet and just GLOW✨ baby.

Goals: eat well, work, save money & stunt on my senior year.

What’s your GOALS baby ?! Comment below !!! 

“C’mon Sis”- Ashley Ammons 

So last week one of our soul sisters AshleyScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.29.10 PM.png blessed theBloxTv with the #Comeonsis segment on the Top 5 Dudes to Stay Away From. Ladies we all know that season is coming around so be aware and stay away from these dudes at all cost.

Baby Girl goes in to tell us the Top 5 Dudes to Avoid Ever since you know cuffing season is about to be over.

Top 5: 

  1. The F**k Boy
  2. Baby Daddy
  3. Momma’s Boy
  4. The Gamer
  5. The Scammer


Of course, Ashley inspired us to check ourselves and see what dudes we will be staying away from. Now we ain’t make a list, but we definitely has description for you on the dudes we will be staying away from

  • I’m staying away from everyone personally because I feel like a lot of people are thinking more like they wanna have fun and I noticed putting myself in situations that are fun May last a long time and that’s not health
  • HOOD N*GGAS at ALL cost !!!
  • 1 : any dude that says “when you coming to see me ” 2: “you just seem so motivated it’s so attractive ” .. well the first one for obvious reasons but the second one probably seems weird that I’m avoiding those guys . But those guys are usually the ones with no goals or plans that are currently doing nothing productive with their lives & just seem like they just want to take me off my focus. My 3rd one : those guys who feel like they’re entitled to everything . Which amazingly are usually the book smart ones that had a lot handed to them in life . And they just expect every girl to want them
  • “Ayo ma with the (inserts an item I have on at the moment)”

    “Damn, yo what’s your name”

    *Starts walking with me*
    “Where we going?”

    There’s more but those are the three that irk my soul 😭I just hate the idea of meeting guys on the street.

  • Baby Daddies, yes lord stay away from them. They come with to much, he might be fine and his personality maybe bomb, but his baby mother just might like the idea of him moving on. More importantly, he might not be ready to move on and like my best b*tch always say, ” A dude aint going to buy the cow, if he’s getting the milk for free”. Stay away girl stay away! 

Thank you Ashley for inspiring us to avoid and to stay away from those dudes. Comment below the dudes that you will be avoiding at all cost this upcoming Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter !!!

Follow Me to Happiness 

We see so many people just in a day. But do we ever stop to think if these people are going through anything, or if that person truly has a smile on their face; because, they are happy. For the past month, I have been struggling with being happy. Being away at college has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and it has not gotten easier despite me being here for now three years. I just started to think how do I pull myself up, and get back to being truly happy, and I realized the only way to do that is by stepping back and finding myself. I have started to think about what makes me happy, who makes me happy, and how I want to be happy moving forward. 

For this thoughtful Thursday I do just want to encourage those that are not happy to know you are not alone, and take some time to find you. I have not found who I am as an individual yet, but I am starting at the bottom which i’m okay with. Get rid of all the toxic in your life, but do it in the right way. I am owning all of my flaws and things i have done wrong, and that has helped me get on the road to true happiness.

I’m that Girl

Hey Miss Lady,


I know these past fews months have been very difficult for you, but I am writing this letter to you to let you know that all of this is just a test of your strengthen. Don’t allow these obstacles to determine who you are as a person. I know it’s been very hard because you don’t know exactly what is wrong with you. It’s not depression, but it’s not happiness either. You are just upset with yourself because you don’t have control of what is going on. I know you are always the one to be organized and to be aware of what is going on. This is driving you crazy because you just don’t have a handle on things. It seems as if your academic, love and health life is where it should not be. Well, let me tell you something, your grades DO NOT define the intelligence you hold in that brain of yours. You never were a good test taker to begin with, but you always found your strengthens to succeed. It always tends to give you anxiety, but just try your best and study your best. For your love life, girl you are beautiful, smart, outspoken and so much more. DO NOT chase anyone, let them come to you. If they want to be with you or be in your life, they will make the time to be there. Guys tend to be jerks. Well, not all of them, but sometimes women tend to know what they want more than guys do. You only 21 though so like you need to have a little fun, date around a little. For your health lifestyle, you are never going to become health if you don’t do it for yourself and put your mind to it. You have to dig deep and pull out that dedication. I know you want beautiful skin that glows, so learn how to eat a little better my darling love.

Take a minute or two right now and reflect on all the greatness that you have accomplished. Stop dwelling on the negative aspects of life. You are just so powerful and I think you be forgetting that. Like pick that crown up and shine baby girl. You are everything and so much more. I just hate that you bring yourself down sometimes. You know the potential you have so live up to it. Did you forget that you inspire people to love themselves every single day? Did you forget how much your family adores you for being so outspoken ? Did you forget how much your nephew loves you and thinks you are the best titi in the world ? Did you forget that your smile brightens up your own day? Did you forget that you are living life and life is about making mistakes and learning from them ?

Don’t forget to be you



Entry: Tanaya 

Written on 03/29/2017 | Published 04/06/2017

P.S. I am progressing and I am not in a more positive state of mind 💕