Built by Flaws is a youth empowerment group that provides a safe environment to promote self-love, confidence, and acceptance of imperfections for young women of color, as well as encouragement of dialogue and analysis of the stereotypical perceptions of young women of color in their communities and society. The group gives young women of color an opportunity to give back to those in the communities through yearly events and services work within the community such as school, existing programs,etc.

Feel free to contact us @ our email Builtbyflaws@gmail.com

Built by flaws. The name speaks for its self. Not only do we have healthy debates but these girls genuinely are there to anyone who needs that ear. This organization not only does it give me something to look forward to every monday but it allows me to block all negative energy and start over to create a better mood or vibe. Built by flaws, thank you for your sense of positivity and commitment

Whitney Miller